Slip Resistant Resin Bound Driveways in Bolton

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Slip Resistant Resin Bound Driveways in Bolton

Jun 12, 2023 | Blog

Resin bound driveways are gaining popularity due to their smooth and stylish appearance, durability, and versatility. However, the risk of slipping and falling on an icy, wet, or oily surface can concern many homeowners. Fortunately, there are ways to make your resin surface anti-slip. 


This blog post will explore and provide insights into fundamental methods that driveway contractors in Bolton use to ensure slip-resistant resin bound driveways.


 Add Anti-Slip Aggregate 

One of the easiest ways to make your resin bound surface anti-slip is to add anti-slip aggregate material during installation. This aggregate is made of tiny granules of crushed quartz, glass, or aluminium oxide mixed with the resin before being laid on the driveway. The texture and roughness of the aggregate provide an excellent grip and traction to prevent slipping and skidding.


Use Coarse Resin Binds 

A coarse resin binder can also help improve the slip resistance of resin driveways. The rough binder has a more significant surface area than the smoother binder, which helps improve the grip since there is more contact between the surface and the shoes or tires.


Apply a Surface Sealant 

You can apply a surface sealant to increase the durability and longevity of your resin-bound driveway while also making it anti-slip. The sealant creates a thin coating on the surface. That helps prevent moisture infiltration into the resin’s pores, making it less slippery. It can also reduce the risk of staining and enhancing the driveway’s colour.


Regular Maintenance 

Even the most slip-resistant surface can become slippery if dirty and covered with algae, moss, or oil. Therefore, regular maintenance is vital in ensuring your driveway remains slip resistant. You can use a pressure washer or stiff brush to clean your driveway regularly. Avoid using hot water, bleach, or other abrasive chemicals, which can damage the surface.


Use Adequate Lighting 

Lighting is also critical in ensuring your driveway is safe and slip-resistant, especially at night. By installing adequate lighting along your driveway, you can improve the surface’s visibility, enhancing visibility for drivers and pedestrians—any obstacles or slip hazards.



 Slip-resistant resin bound driveways offer a perfect solution for property owners looking for a low-maintenance, durable, and aesthetically pleasing surface. You can make your resin bound driveways safe and slip-resistant by using anti-slip aggregate, coarse resin binds, surface sealants, regular maintenance, and adequate lighting. 


Consult with a reliable driveway contractor like Resin Driveways Bolton for expert advice and service! 

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